SueSue and Dubby

I am an NNEB qualified nursery nurse with over 30 yrs experience in childcare. I’ve worked in Social services Day Nurseries, for the National Childrens Home on a play bus, nannied & ran a private Day Nursery. I have been a childminder in our home since 1999, when my own children were young, which I love. Dubby to join me in Minimayhem which has given myself, & the children we care for, an enormous boost of fun, excitement &, of course, more mayhem!



Having spent 15 years in IT and having beome a Director, I realised that I didn't really enjoy what I was doing!  Having had two kids of my own, and being around all the children Sue had looked after over the years (not to mention running my sons football team since he was six), I realised how much I enjoyed looking after children and decided life's too short to being spending half of it doing something you don't like.

Following my revelation, I embarked on Surrey County Council's eighteen hour Childminding Introduction Programme which I successfully passed in 2010.  The programme included a 12 hour paediatric first aid course and a Safeguarding Children course.  I was also required to obtain a Criminal Record Bureau check of which I then had three!  I have also completed for my Level 3 qualification in Children and Young Persons Workforce.  Being a male childminder helps to give Minimayhem a balanced approach (although I always do what Sue tells me!).

No doubt you are also thinking where 'Dubby' comes from?  Well, many (many) years ago I used to become overexcited when the Flintstones appeared on the the television and so my parents decided to start calling me dub (yabba dubba do) - we all have a lot to blame our parents for!

We also have two 'children' of our own, Katie (22) and Sam (18) - where did the time go!!